With deep roots in New Jersey and the Northeast corridor, The Munshine Group has extensive nonprofit sector experience and an executive team with a broad understanding of effective community engagement and high-impact philanthropic strategies. The Munshine Group’s consulting process combines positive community results along with building goodwill with clients and key stakeholders.

  • David Munshine
    David Munshine
    President & CEO
  • Julia Kathan
    Julia Kathan
    Chief Communications Officer
  • Tonya Addy
    Tonya Addy
    Executive Vice President
  • Mary Franco
    Mary Franco
    Of Counsel
  • Ken Barbuscio
    Ken Barbuscio
    Senior Advisor
  • Megan Leitheiser
    Megan Leitheiser
    Senior VP, Development Communications
  • Diana Dreyfus Leighton
    Diana Dreyfus Leighton
    Senior Vice President
  • Suzanne Albin
    Suzanne Albin
    Vice President
  • Shay Laderbush
    Shay Laderbush
    Vice President
  • Cindi Altieri
    Cindi Altieri
    Executive Assistant
  • Alex Napuck
    Alex Napuck
    Analytics and Research Manager
  • Julia Segal
    Julia Segal
    Consulting Associate
  • Sarah Lalevee
    Sarah Lalevee
    Consulting Associate
  • Judy Liu
    Judy Liu
    Consulting Associate
  • Jimmy Pitingolo
    Jimmy Pitingolo
    Consulting Associate
  • Maia Chester
    Maia Chester
    Consulting Associate

The Power of CSR

“It is more critical than ever that businesses in the 21st century are focused on generating long-term value for all stakeholders and addressing the challenges we face, which will result in shared prosperity and sustainability for both business and society.”

Darren Walker, President, Ford Foundation

“By taking a broader, more complete view of corporate purpose, boards can focus on creating long-term value, better serving everyone – investors, employees, communities, suppliers and customers.”

Bill McNabb, former CEO, Vanguard

“The entrepreneurs and business leaders of today and tomorrow have an extraordinary opportunity: to prove that through upholding values we can create value-for the company, for the customer, and for the community.”

Arthur M. Blank, author, “Good Company”

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