With deep roots in New Jersey and the Northeast corridor, The Munshine Group has extensive nonprofit sector experience and an executive team with a broad understanding of effective community engagement and high-impact philanthropic strategies. The Munshine Group’s consulting process combines positive community results along with building goodwill with clients and key stakeholders.

  • David Munshine
    David Munshine
    President & CEO
  • Julia Kathan
    Julia Kathan
    Chief Communications Officer
  • Tonya Addy
    Tonya Addy
    Executive Vice President
  • Newell Thompson
    Newell Thompson
    Director of Business Development
  • Megan Leitheiser
    Megan Leitheiser
    Executive Vice President
  • Suzanne Albin
    Suzanne Albin
    Senior Vice President
  • Shay Laderbush
    Shay Laderbush
    Senior Vice President
  • Cindi Altieri
    Cindi Altieri
    Executive Assistant
  • Alex Napuck
    Alex Napuck
    Analytics and Research Manager
  • Sarah Lalevee
    Sarah Lalevee
    Consulting Associate
  • Jimmy Pitingolo
    Jimmy Pitingolo
    Consulting Associate
  • Maia Chester
    Maia Chester
    Consulting Associate
  • Maria DiStefano
    Maria DiStefano
    Consulting Intern

The Power of CSR

“The entrepreneurs and business leaders of today and tomorrow have an extraordinary opportunity: to prove that through upholding values we can create value-for the company, for the customer, and for the community.”

— Arthur M. Blank, author, “Good Company”

“By taking a broader, more complete view of corporate purpose, boards can focus on creating long-term value, better serving everyone – investors, employees, communities, suppliers and customers.”

— Bill McNabb, former CEO, Vanguard


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