The Munshine Group’s dual nonprofit and private sector expertise provides the ability to align corporate and philanthropic strategy.

Trusted Advisors: We are established trusted advisors to nonprofit organizations and for-profit companies, acting as the vital link connecting the two to fill the needs of each. We ensure that nonprofits get the right support they need to further their missions, and that businesses are matched with charities and causes that reflect their corporate values.

Uniquely Qualified: Our team is comprised of members whose backgrounds include positions at Fortune 100 companies with executive leadership experience in corporate social responsibility and human resources. Our proven track record includes designing successful diversity and inclusion programs, increasing corporate volunteerism, and undertaking community health assessments. Members of The Munshine Group have worked at the highest levels of fields including journalism, finance, healthcare and law.

Guided by Results: In a world that is changing in ways we could scarcely have imagined, we go far beyond building good will. We have developed unique, proprietary tools to benchmark key information and metrics, and develop and carry out a CSR strategy that will lead to greater overall company success.

Thoughtful Strategists: We’ve seen that many companies engage with their communities but lack a cohesive plan, resulting in a reduced positive impact on the community, their brand, client loyalty and acquisition, employees, and overall profitability. A scattershot, “one-off” approach to community engagements, messaging and investments of corporate time and money is a lost opportunity. We craft a customized philanthropic strategy to maximize a company’s investments in its people, its future, and in making our community and our world a better place.

The Power of CSR

“The entrepreneurs and business leaders of today and tomorrow have an extraordinary opportunity: to prove that through upholding values we can create value-for the company, for the customer, and for the community.”

— Arthur M. Blank, author, “Good Company”

“By taking a broader, more complete view of corporate purpose, boards can focus on creating long-term value, better serving everyone – investors, employees, communities, suppliers and customers.”

— Bill McNabb, former CEO, Vanguard


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