Dear Friends,

We’re so used to hearing it or saying it. “Have a good weekend.”

But this Friday, my team and I want to send you into the weekend with two other words we all need to hear and say.

“Thank you.”

Thank you to countless people. The health care providers and first responders who are on the front lines. The cashiers and store employees and delivery people and maintenance crews who are helping us all while struggling themselves. The teachers finding creative ways to enrich young minds during long, anxious days. The journalists working tirelessly to get life-saving facts to us all. Too many others to list and count.

And we say thank you to you. Day in and day out, the nonprofit community is an inspiration. In the worst of times, you are the best of us. Feeding, sheltering, treating physical and mental pain, educating, expressing the human spirit, and working to save our one precious planet and its resources.

Thank you.

We are here anytime for whatever you might need. Please feel free to reach out.

And while it might be a very different Friday, we wish you and your loved ones a good weekend.

Be well,

David Munshine
President & CEO