A new month has arrived, after these past few weeks that have tested us all. Today is May Day, which traditionally celebrates the spring season and, more recently, honors workers.

What wonderful things to focus on at this very moment. Spring, with its promise of the new, is needed more than ever. Workers, from health care heroes to first responders to teachers to all the store and delivery employees who are keeping us going, are our lifelines. And, as always, we celebrate and honor the countless workers at nonprofit organizations who are giving their all every day. Thank you.

While there is May Day, there is also Mayday, the international call of distress — the signal that something has gone disastrously wrong.

Yes, it can feel like a Mayday situation sometimes as we face the coronavirus pandemic. But every time we talk with the nonprofits we’re privileged to partner with, we see the resilience and the results. These organizations and their people are stronger than any virus, and we salute you all!

So on this Friday, enjoy May Day and the weekend! Better days are ahead.