It’s a fact of fundraising life. Whether it’s back burner or front, simmering or at a boiling point, sooner or later your organization will need to do a donor screening – and find a way to turn the data into dollars.

We know the prospect of prospecting for new donors – and managing and growing the relationships with current ones – can seem daunting to many organizations. That’s true whether it’s the first screening or it’s been a while since the last one. And it’s especially true when nonprofits lack staff with the capacity or knowledge to gather the data and, most importantly, make the best possible use of the findings.

We also know that with the needed support, screenings and prospect research management don’t have to be intimidating. That’s where partnering with experts who have years of experience, use state-of-the-art tools and offer customized, actionable information really pays off.

But where to start? How to interpret the data for untapped potential? How do you identify your top prospects for major giving, build a list of donors to solicit for an upcoming campaign or find the best planned giving prospects? A donor screening can be the key to more gifts, bigger gifts and greater success for your mission, but how do you make best use of the data to find the nuggets of gold hiding in plain sight?

You need a knowledgeable and effective team to mine all that data to answer those questions and get results, and we at The Munshine Group are proud to offer just that, led by Senior Vice President Shay Laderbush, and Analytics and Research Manager Alex Napuck. Our clients tell us they are thrilled to work with professionals who thrive on data-driven decisions coupled with a human, personal touch.

Shay and Alex both say a key to what makes their engagements with our clients so rewarding, and ensures they achieve so much, is using the best platform for the job, and maximizing its potential. Our team has a deep understanding of how to navigate all the most widely-used screening tools so we consistently provide the strongest possible results and analysis.

It all begins with a database that often contains thousands of names. Those names are methodically prioritized not just for wealth capacity, but for a wide variety of factors. Our expertise includes focusing on specific information that goes well beyond capacity scores, ensuring many sources of funding are identified. We build prospect lists to ensure the pipeline is always flowing with the next best prospects, allowing organizations to spend their time and energy in the most productive ways possible.

What if you already know who your top individual prospects are or also need help prioritizing which foundations are the right fit for you or which government grants you should apply for? We can help you with that too. We comb through all the data so you don’t have to and give you just the information you need to know so you can spend your time more efficiently.

It’s precisely the kind of knowledge and insight that set the stage for nonprofits to build and foster donor relationships that have lasting value for all.  

So how can this help your nonprofit?  Since every organization is different, we tailor every engagement and approach. With that in mind, from now until June 30th, our research and analytics team is offering a complimentary one-hour phone session to help answer some of your specific questions. Complete the form below and we will contact you to set up your consultation. Also for a limited time, organizations who engage The Munshine Group for data research and analysis will receive a 30 percent discount on our customary fees for this service.

As we all begin to emerge from the pandemic and assess the current landscape and opportunities, there may well be no better time to get a handle on who your top prospects are so you can take action today – to fund the projects of tomorrow.

Donor Screening Consultation