With everything we all read to keep up — newspapers, magazines, books, trade publications, websites and social media — it can take something special to punch through the clutter.  One recent article in The New York Times did just that, with a headline we wish we’d written ourselves: To Sell Themselves to Donors, Nonprofits Are Turning to the Pros.

The upshot has profound implications for nonprofits everywhere.  As Times writer Janet Morrissey put it, “…branding and marketing experts are helping nonprofits more clearly explain their purpose in simple but powerful ways that connect emotionally with the public.  It’s critical they use storytelling skills…to inspire donors to get onboard.”

There are vast numbers of charities and causes out there, and nonprofits are learning — sometimes the hard way — that they have to get creative in explaining their mission, getting their message out there, and connecting with people about why they should give money to support them.

As we at The Munshine Group have long known, it is a mix of art and science, and requires special skills.  The article confirms this, with Morrissey writing, “Without this storytelling ability — along with the sophisticated use of data to identify donors and maintain a digital connection with them — nonprofits risk losing donations to other organizations that are chasing the same dollars.”

For nonprofits that think they can’t afford help from fundraising, marketing, branding and communications experts, the message in the article is clear:  they can’t afford not to hire the pros.

Our team members offer this professional experience and proven record in fundraising, communications, strategy and implementation.  We get the greatest satisfaction when our clients tell us our ideas and execution made all the difference, raising awareness and money when it mattered most.

We’re glad to share the full Times article with you, and are always here to be trusted advisers in helping your nonprofit aim higher and achieve more.