Megan brings creativity, versatility and a spirit of collaboration to every project she undertakes. Megan has extensive experience working in corporate and nonprofit administration, fundraising, marketing, and communications. Her skills consistently deliver positive results for clients. She is noted for her ability to connect with people, and is committed to serving organizations that are doing good work in the world.

After earning degrees in marketing and management, Megan established a career in marketing for a Fortune 500 company before transitioning to the nonprofit sector more than a decade ago. She joined The Munshine Group with nonprofit experience including serving faith-based organizations, and a nonprofit dedicated to the eradication of human trafficking.

Megan’s knowledge of nonprofit communications, with an emphasis on digital and print design and strategy, consistently results in what clients say is exactly what they were looking for and needed. She is up-to-the-minute on best practices, and at The Munshine Group, Megan is involved with nearly every client engagement, producing customized, compelling deliverables, including Case for Support materials for campaigns and planning studies, annual reports, appeal letters, brochures, stationery packages, infographics, social media graphics – and more – that result in increased awareness and donations.

Working with local and national organizations in nearly every sector, Megan has managed numerous successful digital campaigns, including a multi-platform effort for Safe+Sound Somerset, which supports survivors of domestic and sexual violence. By utilizing a unique crowdfunding campaign and compelling video messaging, S+SS raised money to address the issue of a much-needed new safe house. With Shy Wolf Sanctuary Education & Experience, based in Naples, Florida, Megan used her creative talents to tell the stories of abused and neglected animals, and the healing and connections that gave them a second chance. In response to Hurricane Ian, Megan, with members of the Munshine communications team, launched a crowdfunding effort to raise funds to jumpstart the construction of a much-needed CAT 5 hurricane shelter to benefit Shy Wolf and the wider community. The initiative succeeded in completing the campaign, a first of its kind in the organization’s history, exceeding its fundraising goal by 70%.