Ryan Geller is currently a sophomore at Indiana University, studying Public Policy Analysis, Economic Consulting, and International Business at the Kelley School of Business. He chose to undertake an education that more closely examines the intersection of business and public policy so it can be used to further a more just and equitable society. He is a MacDonald Scholar, which requires him to give back to the community through 280 hours of service work per year. He devotes his time to IU Corps, an umbrella volunteer organization that connects students with potential local or global opportunities. Partnering with this organization, Ryan aims to launch a new university-sponsored student initiative, Volunteer Corps, to help create an inclusive environment that enables every student to serve, grow, and thrive through service and volunteering. He also consults for student-led businesses, providing growth-oriented financial, marketing, and sales recommendations. 

Ryan previously served as a fundraising intern with The Local Fix Foundation, a nonprofit foundation that produces and fundraises for New Jersey-based events and raises awareness of pressing social issues, especially in underserved communities. He also volunteered for his congressional representative during the last two election cycles, assisting with voter outreach and engagement. Ryan believes that it is imperative that business and government work in tandem to benefit all segments of society, a belief which inspires his interest in consulting.