(Photo credit: The Nonprofit Times)

To mark Labor Day, we’re again sharing this blog post from April.  Since it was first published, the U.S. Labor Department reports the number of job openings has soared to a record 6.2 million. And The Nonprofit Times 2018 Best Nonprofits to Work For Competition is now open and accepting nominations.


April 25, 2017

Anyone who is involved in nonprofits knows many factors play a role in creating success. But we think there is one crucial ingredient that makes all the difference: the people who work for an organization. Whatever your mission, attracting and retaining the best staff possible is key, and it’s a growing challenge in an increasingly tight job market. The U.S. Department of Labor reports there are some 5.7 million job openings nationwide right now, so employers have good reason to want to keep good employees happy. What does that mean for charities, who often can’t compete solely on the basis of salary?

The NonProfit Times recently published its annual list of best nonprofits to work for, and there are some important things they have in common, beginning with recognition, trust and support. Ten key areas are identified, and 50 organizations are listed. It’s an intriguing read about the culture these exemplary groups share. We at The Munshine Group are dedicated to helping nonprofits be the best they possibly can, for everyone from their staff and leaders to board, donors and volunteers. And we’re proud of our team, a talented group of innovative leaders who bring purpose and performance to everything they do!

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