David Munshine

President & CEO

David Munshine, President & CEO, is a no-nonsense strategist and leader in transformational fundraising and nonprofit management. He has focused the majority of his career on consulting, combining a passion for teaching with strong problem-solving skills. He has led more than one hundred consulting projects spanning every nonprofit sector, ranging from new nonprofits to large healthcare and education institutions. As a noted speaker and trainer, David has presented to association conferences around the northeast. Recent media appearances include CBS News Radio, Newark Star-Ledger, NJ Spotlight and Advancing Philanthropy magazine.

He created The Munshine Group to bring a fresh perspective to consulting as nonprofits adapt to the major challenges of today and tomorrow. They include fierce competition for major gifts and donor loyalty; shifting demographics and donor attitudes; and the increased complexities of planning, doing and measuring in a technology-rich environment.

David is on the Board of Trustees of Camp Nejeda Foundation in Stillwater, NJ, which serves children and families with type 1 diabetes.

He received his bachelor’s degree in public administration with a concentration in nonprofit management from John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

David is a member of the Forbes New York Business Council, an invitation-only community for successful business owners and leaders in greater New York City.