Maia Chester – Consulting Associate

Maia Chester brings her analytical skill set, unique interdisciplinary background, and results-driven work ethic to every project she undertakes at The Munshine Group. Maia has extensive experience working in psychological research and several nonprofit sectors and is dedicated to helping others and making a positive impact. Maia is a double major at the University of Pennsylvania, studying Psychology and Criminology.

At UPenn, Maia works as a research assistant at the Emotion, Development, Environment, and Neurogenetics (EDEN) Lab, investigating the origins of moral behavior to help inform future interventions and treatment. Most recently, Maia helped develop and publish a measure to assess the long-term effects of pandemics on parenting practices, and she is currently spearheading research on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and mask-wearing on children’s ability to recognize emotions. Maia has also served as a teaching assistant in the University of Pennsylvania’s Criminology Department, and she continues to serve as a tutor for students in the neighboring West Philadelphia community. She is also a member of Psi Chi, the International Honor Society in Psychology.

Maia’s other volunteer experience includes working as a legal volunteer at New York County Defender Services and founding her own nonprofit, the English Empowerment Program, which provides an English education to orphans in Paraná, Brazil.