Zarvon Rejaee is a rising junior at Babson College in Massachusetts, where he is studying Business with concentrations in Operations Management and Finance. He received the school’s Diversity Leadership Scholarship, a full-tuition, merit-based scholarship given to students with the greatest potential for leadership in creating a diverse community. At The Munshine Group, Zarvon analyzes data and conducts in-depth research to implement fundraising initiatives that enable nonprofit organizations to make a positive impact on the community. His areas of expertise include grant writing, strategic planning, major donor programs, and conducting feasibility studies. Zarvon is especially enthusiastic about working with nonprofit organizations as it allows him to contribute to causes he is passionate about, such as focusing on improving healthcare and housing.

Zarvon has served as a member of the Babson Undergraduate Consulting Program and worked on improving business operations for the startup fitness app Wishroute, where he helped the company raise over $250,000 in seed funding. He plans to pursue a career in consulting, giving him the opportunity to analyze and improve the operations of both businesses and nonprofits to help them realize greater success.